Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sixth Basic Principle Of Sales: To Be Aware of the Concept of Competition

In our world, competition existed, still exists and it will always continue to exist in every human activity. Many people believe nowadays that the bigger the competition is concerning a product, the less the possibilities are to sell it. This opinion is a huge mistake. Do you know which products are the most difficult to sell? Those that are characterized by the less competition!! Why? Because competition is equal to free advertising.Thus, competition does not play any important role. It does not even matter how many sellers have already spoken to our potential customer. The only thing that seriously matters is who we are and how professional we are regarding our job, in other words if we enter an enterprise in a professional way, if we deal with each one of our customers that enter our store in a professional way and eventually, if we show enough professionalism so as our potential customer can trust us.Let me tell you a secret: when you enter the place of your potential customer you should think that you are the first person who meets the customer to talk to him about this particular product. In fact, you are the first person: the customer may have heard all these things many times before but he had not heard them from you.Consequently, we should not be scared of competition but we should be aware of it. What are the other companies of the same field? It is helpful to carry out a research concerning this issue so as to form our own opinion regarding competition in our field. Do we know all positive features of our company against our competitors? Do we belong to a big or small enterprise of our field? If we belong to a small company and in case our customer asks us, do we know all advantages characterizing our company against a bigger enterprise?

Let's be more precise. A small enterprise:1. Pays greater attention to each one of its customers.2. It is more flexible. We discuss about something at this present moment and it can be implemented immediately and not in a week.3. It is more adaptable meaning that in case there is an initial agreement with a customer, everything is more positive in the future.4. It is more personal. Prices can be adapted to each customer's demands.5. There is an immediate delivery of the products.If we belong to a big enterprise, our strong points can be the following:1. Our company's power along with its extended clientele shows us that many people trust our company.2. Advertising as well as marketing of a big company enforce its products. This means that the customer knows its products quite or very well.3. Long-term cooperation: such a big company inspires safety for a long- term cooperation.4. There is the possibility of lower prices in the company's products compared to the average characterizing its competitors and this is due to the company's power.Thus, in any case regardless of the competition and the other companies existing in this particular field, we always pay attention to the positive features of our company so as to gain our customer's trust. Always remember: the market out there is really huge. Saturation will never happen. In case there is saturation of a product, sooner or later other similar products will come up. Human needs never end because this is exactly what human nature is.

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