Monday, August 4, 2014

Are You Pushing Hard Enough?

"You never know how a horse will pull until you hook him to a heavy load." Bear Bryant.Are you pulling a heavy load while developing your self, your business, your life?
Or, are you just gliding along on the smooth ice?Are you working hard to do something - or just being busy?Are you talking about what you did or what you are going to do?
That is how you can tell you are getting old.
Old people talk about what they did.
Those seeking success talk about what they are going to do.The "Bear," - one of the most successful college football coaches ever, was a man of few words, but a tremendous winner. His Alabama football teams will live on in history forever.Until you put yourself under a heavy load, a great stress, you never really know what you are capable of.It is human nature to want things easy and comfortable - yet?Without difficulties you will never have a chance to discover your real ability, power, and skill.You will never reach or even come close to your potential.This year, stop, make a commitment, and go for the gold.Today's six pack - six ways to unleash your power.1. Double your goals
Set them up, come on.
Stop making it to easy.
If you wanted to increase sales by 10%, make it 20%
If you wanted 10 new customers, make it 20.
If 3 major new accounts was your target, make it 6.Make the load heavier and you will be amazed at what you a capable of.2. Do something different.
Stop doing what everyone else does.
If everyone else uses the phone, you stop by.
If everyone else uses the internet, you use the phone or send it US Mail.
Stop doing it the way everyone else does.
If the standard is written proposals, do a video.
If everyone else sending paper, send a recording.
If everyone uses email - you text.
Do something different

Take a risk and be different.3. Give more.
Stop worrying about what you have and start giving more away.
If you give more away.
You will get more to give away.
It does really work that way.
You will never miss it.Take a shot.
Try it.4. Stop Accepting less
How many people accept where they are in life and just settle in?
How many people say, "gotta be happy I got this much."
You know what you want, and you are not going to accept anything less.
Make a commitment to make it happen.
Go for it.You will be amazed at what you can do.5. Push your team
Raise the expectations you have of them.
Expect them to do more and they will do more.
Or they will leave.
Either way it is OK.
You need a team that will support what you want to accomplish.
If they don't work at your level, then perhaps they are not the right players.Push them hard and you will learn.
Expect them to push as hard as you, and they will.6. Push yourself.
You are really that good.
But first you have to believe it yourself.
Then you can get others to buy in.
Are you really pushing yourself, or are you just talking about it.
Are you really stretching, or just thinking you are.
Come on, this is your year.Go for it.OK, there you have it.
Yes, you might fail.
But, you know failure creates success.
So go for the gold.

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