Thursday, August 28, 2014

How Do You Save a New Salesperson Who Is Failing?

When you hired that new salesperson you had a great feeling in your gut. You felt they had the perfect personality. You made a good connection. You could see how others would easily get to know, like and trust this candidate. You hired her!Several months have past and now you realize you didn't get the full picture through your current hiring process. The person you were convinced would be a star is turning out to be a gigantic disappointment. She just isn't delivering at a level that is even close to your projections; and you are not going to meet your projections and goals. What do you do? Do you need to let her go?It's a tough decision as you have invested so much in terms of time and money to bring the new salesperson up to speed on your company; it's culture and it's products and services. The though of finding a replacement and going through the process of education someone else is overwhelming. You wonder how you can go through this again.Have you ever considered a coaching solution -- for yourself? I'll bet you thought I was going to suggest coaching for your underperforming salesperson? No, I am suggesting coaching for you, the sales manager. Through a coaching solution you can develop a coaching approach for yourself that will transcend years into the future, all the while you improve your staff's success potential.

Many sales leaders are turning to coaching models today to manage and grow their staff competencies. They are also using assessments to help determine who are the appropriate hires and who is right for a promotion. Assessments help managers determine who's the right fit based on incredibly valid data. When we hire based on resume's and face to face contact, we are only seeing about one-third of the candidate... not nearly enough information to make credible, positive hiring judgments for very important positions.Managers can compare thinking and behavioral styles to those criteria of your top performers who are important to you and your business. From this information you can determine not only job fit, but also where there might be behavioral and training needs that need to be addressed. Once you have this information you are positioned to make the best possible hiring decision.Through the coaching and assessing model of managing you continually improve your proficiency and are leading your sales team with maximum impact.

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