Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Value of Relational Sales Team Building Activities

A new sales person joins the team. She is quiet and had worked in customer service before taking this sales position. Now, she realizes, she must talk to people face to face, demonstrate confidence and present a comfortable, working knowledge of the product. How does she sharpen the skills she needs to land the sale? By participating in relational sales team building activities.Relational sales team building activities allow newer and unseasoned people to become familiar with their co-workers and supervisors in a relaxed atmosphere. This allows them to:1) establish a connection
2) obtain valuable feedback about their sales pitch
3) get to know their coworkers
4) practice getting personal with an acquaintance in order to make the sale
5) pick up valuable relational sales tipsMaking the sale requires building a relationship with the customer. In the context of sales, this has to happen fairly quickly. The sales person understands they must become a trusted advisor at some point during the conversation. Naturally, the elements of trustworthiness, integrity, time efficiency and helpfulness help the salesperson move the relationship from acquaintance to trust advisor. In group settings, relational sales team building activities allow people to quickly practice becoming trusted advisors.

This happens because newer sales professionals are mentored by more seasoned salesmen. As the newbies watch, listen and learn from their colleagues, their confidence grows, they gather valuable information for their own pitch and performance, while relaxing in a non-threatening atmosphere. This sense of feeling cared for is necessary for their professional success because it needs to be demonstrated in the sales environment. Relational sales team building activities embrace the newer sales professionals and groom them for success through the sharing of experiences.In relational sales team building activities, especially with new teams, flowing through the tiers of connection in fun activities will help sales personnel. For some people, the actual sales moment is intimidating and difficult to navigate. Yet, you are sure you saw signs of success when you hired these newbies. If you want to build a strong sales team, invest in their success. Allow them to practice and learn from each other. This way, team members with low confidence can begin to gain personal and professional comfort through interacting with other members of the sales team. They will pick up skills on how to establish strong connections and become trusted advisors in order to make the sale.

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