Thursday, October 2, 2014

10 Fool Proof Ways to Murder Sales Performance in Your Company

Are you serious about killing sales performance in your organization? Well, if you've been googling for books and tips on that subject don't bother. I did a search to find out if a sales murder mystery has been written before. You're right - I did not find one. What I did find was countless books written on how to improve sales performance, and really just about everybody knows how to do that. So I decided to get real and do a little sleuthing myself to find the top 10 fool proof methods for killing your sales team's performance. Here's the scoop but keep it to yourself:Killer Tip #1: Don't make the deadly mistake of setting specific measurable sales goals for anyone on your sales teamAnd if you've committed that crime, here's the cover up. Don't communicate it, or get buy in or put it down in writing! If your sales people insist, pull out a number that sounds incredulous and tell them it's a stretch goal, so you can keep them on their toes.Killer Tip #2: Always pretend you have the upper hand and know more than THEMYou don't need to get real and show your team how to do it or strategize or give them tools. That's just "book talk" from the millions of sales gurus out there. Your team will do way better and thank you if you just let them just sweat it out. Set firm deadlines so no one can escape and let them know you're in control.Killer Tip #3: You'll get busted if you get in the trenches with your sales teamThey're grown-ups and can do without your pep talks. They're looking for 3 specific things from you at weekly sales meetings: (a) an excruciating minute by minute account of sales activity (b) the math on their conversion numbers (c) the number of Nos it's going to take for them to master the art of accepting rejection.Killer Tip #4: Get them believing in the power of the human brainThe best scientists in the world have proven that even the fastest computer cannot measure up to the immense potential of the human brain. And to think that we only use 10% of our brain's hard drive. That's plenty of space to keep track of pipelines, prospects, and clients for crying out loud! Why bog your team down with expensive CRMs for that? For those on your team, who just can't deal with instant data retrieval, get them to set up multiple spreadsheets or a paper piling system on their desk.

Killer Tip #5: Keep the sales process a complete mysteryLet your sales people do some figuring out. After all, they have to earn their commission. You want a survivor on your team, someone who can jump through the hoops and stay on task. If the sales process were that simple, everybody would be doing it.Killer Tip # 6: Ignore all that hocus-pocus you've been hearingProduct training, sales training, checklists etc. to increase average dollar sale, seriously? It's simply a trap; a set up to get your team to sell more? Stay away from making that blunder.Killer Tip #7: Free your sales team from the shackles of estimatesLet their creative juices flow. Let them figure out what numbers it will take to get a customer to say yes. Let them go the extra mile: discounting, price wars, fee waiving, 360 day credit terms -whatever it takes!Killer Tip #8: Make sure your team has no clue that you're thankfulIf your sales rep lands a job, be sure to never acknowledge that, especially in a team meeting. Keep it simple; pretend it's no big deal at all. Instead, remind them constantly of that stretch goal. They need to be thinking of the next big prospect; when and what it'll take to land a new account.Killer Tip #9: Play hard to getGet your team on board with the idea of playing hard to get with customers. Discourage them from contacting customers that they haven't talked to in years or thanking them for their business. It's a complete waste of time! You've already got them! Customers know who you are and will come back. Get the sales team in pursuit of brand new hot leads.Killer Tip #10: So what do I do next?Congratulations, if you're already implementing these. If not, then pick 2 that you will apply in the next week. Nothing happens without action.I wish you the very best in your endeavor. And yes, if any of these ways, sounds rusty, doesn't despair and give up because there's always another way. Let me in on your specific situation and we'll custom design one for your team specifically.Au revoir.

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