Sunday, July 13, 2014

What Vtiger CRM Can Do for Your Sales Management

The advantages of Vtiger CRM are numerous but this piece will treat some of them so that the power to improve your customer relationship management will be made available to you. If you can spare part of your time to read through, your business will be better for it.The first benefit of Vtiger CRM is that it will improve your lead quality. You will be able to capture higher quality leads due to the integration of web-to-CRM forms which will give confidence to your visitors to supply their contact information. Furthermore, there are easy-to-create email marketing tools which will help you in educating your leads about your products and services, and even when you are offering a new deal. You will also be able to learn the traits of high-value customers with custom reports and analytics, and you can use custom filters to discover leads that share these traits so that you can spend more time taking care of them.Moreover, you will be able to build an effective sales process and turn many of your leads into paying customers by increasing sales efficiency and enhancing customer confidence. This is achieved through workflows which automate your sales process thereby enhancing the consistency and effectiveness of duties such as task creation and delegation, report generation and follow-up reminders. A robust email campaigns can also automate the lead qualification process whereby email templates, define triggers, contact lists and other parameters can be customized in order to ensure that your leads automatically get the right information at the right time.

In addition, your salespersons will be provided with an array of tools to operate with which will in turn improve their productivity. There are configurable workflows which can automate recurring duties like assigning leads and tasks to salespersons based on given rules. Records are also aggregated so that salespersons can spend less time browsing and more time selling because deal information, customers' interactions, emails and data are all handy in one place. Also, mobile applications allow your salespersons to have access to records at all times even without internet connections.Furthermore, authoritative reports built on customers, salespersons and interaction data help you to take improved management decision which also help you in understanding your business better. You can also schedule follow-up dates to ensure that follow-ups are carried out properly while you can build report to track existing customers in order to forecast where sales opportunities might exist.

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